SHAFT has announced that they’re adapting Azone International’s Assault Lily doll franchise into a TV anime. This new anime is titled Assault Lily Doll Franchise, and it will be entirely based on the 1/12-scale action dolls and figures by Azone International. They even released a new key visual:

The anime will all be about beautiful girls wielding weapons… much like the doll line. It’s set in the near future when giant creatures known as “huge” invade humanity. To counter the threat, they develop weapons called “CHARM” (Counter Huge Arms), and only girls known as Lillies can use them.

Bushiroad is also adapting  the figure line into a stage play, and the cast will be reprising their roles for the anime. The play is titled Assault Lily: League of Guardians, and it will run inside Shinjuku Face from January 9-15 2020. The cast includes:

  • Hikaru Akao as Riri Hitotsuyanagi
  • Yuuko Natsuyoshi as Yuyu Shirai
  • Mikako Izawa as Kaede Johan Nouvelle
  • Rimi Nishimoto as Fumi Futagawa
  • Risa Tsumugi as Tazusa Andou
  • Haruki Iwata as Thi Mai Yoshimura
  • Sana Hoshimori as Kuo Shenlin
  • Hikaru Tohno as Wang Yujia
  • Karin Takahashi as Miliam Hildegard von Globius

SHAFT will be animating the series, with Shouji Saeki (Medaka Box) as director. Mieko Hosoi, who is currently working on the Fate/Grand Order The Movie Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot movies, will be the character designer.

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