Get ready for a shot of nostalgia, as Koei Tecmo has announced that the original Monster Rancher game is getting a new port for Mobile (iOS and Android), as well as the Nintendo Switch. However, the launch will be for Japanese devices as they haven’t revealed an English release for these ports yet.

To those unfamiliar with Monster Rancher, it’s a monster-raising simulator where “ranchers” raise, take care of, and even breed their monsters. Of course, they will battle eventually with them as well! Many consider the game as one of Pokemon’s first true rivals, along with Digimon. However, the franchise didn’t see as much success as compared to the other two franchises.  It also inspired a 1999 TV anime, as well as several sequel and spin-off games.

Well, that’s certainly one huge shot of nostalgia. Hopefully, fans outside of Japan can also get these ports for mobile and Switch soon. The releases for iOS and Android devices in Japan will be on November 28, while the Switch release will be on December 19.

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