Weekly Shounen Sunday has revealed that the Silver Spoon manga is now in its final four chapters. The manga has been suffering a lot of hiatuses these past few years, which has certainly hindered such a great series. And now, mangaka Hiromu Arakawa, who’s also responsible for Full Metal Alchemist and The Heroic Legend of Arslan, has broken her silence. In the official Web Sunday website, she posted:

“It’s has been a long time. I’m sorry. The last time I wrote for this section was…, December 2015!? …And just like the last time, it has become a season to take the lightsaber out of the closet…

Over the past few years, my husband and child have been suffering from a series of incurable diseases, so I have been tied up with high-cost medical care, papers, procedures, and such. I realized again that the Japanese insurance system was amazing. And I thought I would go to blood donation.”

She has also explained that she has now completed those final chapters a long time ago and has sent them to Shogakukan.

Arakawa has actually been planning to end the manga, and has been heading to its “imminent” climax since 2015. However, the frequent hiatuses have slowed down the manga’s end. The manga has been on a string of these hiatuses lately, even matching the two kings of hiatuses in Hunter x Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi and Berserk’s Kentarou Miura.

However, her hiatuses has more to do with her other (and more important) duty, and that is as a mother. But with the manga finally entering its final arc, the mangaka who is also behind Full Metal Alchemist and The Heroic Legend of Arslan can now finally rest and take care of her concerns at home.

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