The war on manga piracy intensifies, as Kodansha has now won a court case against three manga pirate site administrators. They sued the three administrators of the pirate site Haruka Yume no Ato for 160 million yen. And now, the Osaka District Court awarded them the legal victory.

Courts already found the three admins guilty of copyright infringement back in January, and Kodansha’s lawsuit added to their troubles. The three site admins are all male, and each received different prison sentence, with one getting three years and six months. Meanwhile, the other got only three years, and the final one gor two years and four months. This is in addition to the 160 million yen they have to pay after losing that lawsuit against Kodansha.

Haruka Yume no Ato is just the latest of the piracy sites in Japan to go down since the crackdown. The biggest of these sites to go down was Mangamura, which reportedly shut down voluntarily in 2018. After it shut down, several mangaka reported huge jumps in the sales of their works. Japan has been stepping up its anti-piracy campaign lately, and big publishers like Shogakukan have also launched their own campaigns as well. And in addition to Mangamura’s closure, Japanese police also arrested five Chinese nationals tied to anime and manga piracy.

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source: Animation Business Journal


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