Back in July, a man burned down Kyoto Animation’s main studio, the Studio 1 Building, in Kyoto. He killed 36 people and injured many others. And now, Kyoto Animation has begun demolishing that historic Studio 1 building last Monday.

Demolishing the building ain’t exactly simple, as it will still take a few months of preparatory work. This includes emptying the building, as well as setting up scaffolding and other works. NHK news reports that this preparation might go all the way until the end of the year. Actual demolition work will begin in January, and might go on until late April.

NHK also reported that the studio still has not decided what to do with the area after the demolitions work is done. Kyoto Animation president Hideaki Hatta previously stated that he wanted to turn the building into a public park in remembrance to those who passed away. But plans for that are still not concrete.

36 people died in the arson fire which was caused by a 41-year old man. Police described him as unstable, and he believed that the studio “stole his work”. He came to the studio with a lot of flammable liquid before lighting it up. He also shouted “Die!” as he lit the fire before running away. Eyewitnesses also stated that he also shouted that Kyoto Animation “ripped him off”.

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