The live-action movie adaptation of Hell Girl finally premieres in Japan today. So to celebrate the occasion, the staff unveiled a brand new video for the film. However, this one also features Ai Enma’s original anime version, with Mamiko Noto reprising her role as the vengeful spirit!

The film stars Tina Tamashiro as Ai Enma, Manami Hashimoto as Hone Onna, Raiku as Ren Ichimoku, and Akaji Maro as Wanyuudou. We previously revealed these main cast members in costume, and you can check it out through this link. Other cast members will include:

  • Nana Mori as Miho Ichikawa
  • Sawa Nimura as Haruka Nanjou
  • SKE48 idol Mina Ohba as Sanae Mikuriya
  • Kazuki Namioka as Kudou
  • Tomu Fujita as Maki

In the anime, tormented people seeking revenge go to the Hell Correspondence website. There, they enter the name of the one they seek vengeance on.And once they do, Ai Enma/ Hell Girl appears to ask them if they want her to grant their revenge. Once they agree, they pull the red string off a doll she gives them, and Hell Girl literally sends them to hell. However, the one who pulled the string goes to hell after they die as well.

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