Well, it looks like Spider-Man won’t be the only Tokusatsu hero from Marvel. This is because Tokusatsu legend Ultraman is now officially a Marvel Super Hero! The Comics giant has announced that they are collaborating woth Ultraman’s Tsuburaya Productions for this one, and they’re bringing the giant of light to the world!

Marvel released a statement on their official website about the partnership, saying:

Ultraman has been a pop culture classic ever since its introduction in the 1960s, resulting in more than 50 years of stories told on screen and in the pages of manga and comics. Today, Ultraman continues to be a worldwide phenomenon, but fans will always remember the groundbreaking thrill and wonder of the first generation of Ultraman that started it all. Beginning next year, Marvel will expand that iconic era of the Ultras through the lens of Marvel’s art and storytelling.

The new comics will be arriving in 2020, and Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski says Marvel will be bringing new stories to the Ultraman Universe. Expect the comic book giant to reveal more details about their upcoming Ultraman comics in the days to come.

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