KonoSuba recently held a “General Election” AKA popularity contest via Sneaker Bunko’s official website. And now, the results are in, and it looks like a certain cult has taken over the poll. And no, the poll wasn’t totally rigged at all. They just placed a button where fans can give a character one point, and then an option to give Aqua 50 points. Yeah, totally not rigged, right? Here are the Top 10 results:

10 – Vanir (51,830 points)

9 – Chris (69,520 points)

8 – Wiz (95,070 points)

7 – Kazuma (102,490 points)

6 – Eris (174,990 points)

5 – Yunyun (193,600 points)

4 – Iris (207,910 points)

3 – Darkness (208,570 points)

2 – Megumin (755,870 points)

1 – Aqua (3,389,400 points)

So who’s the useless goddess now? Huh? Well, That 50-point button might have helped Aqua win a little. After all, she gained 3,389,400 points, which is almost 5 times more than second place Megumin’s points. And yes, that type of underhanded way of winning is typical of Aqua’s Axis Cult.

So, who would have you voted for?

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source: KonoSuba official website


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