BanG Dream! is coming back with its latest TV anime, BanG Dream! 3rd Season. And during the second day of their “Rausch und/and Craziness” concerts, they unveiled a brand new teaser video for the anime. This new video also announces the anime’s premiere date, which will be on January 23, 2020.

Aside from dropping a new teaser video for the third season, the concert also revealed that the RAISE A SUILEN band will hold “The Creation ~We are RAISE A SUILEN” concert on December 29 in Tokyo. They then announced that all of the franchise’s female ban ds will be holding the “BanG Dream! Special Live Girls Band Party! 2020” on May 3, 2020 at Saitama’s MetLife Dome. But wait, there’s more, because they also announced the “BanG Dream! 8th Live Netsu no Yagai 3 Days” open-air concerts from August 21 to 23 in Fujikyu Highland.And then in early October next year, Poppin’ Party will hold the “BanG Dream! 8th Live Aki no Poppin’ Party”.

Now that’s certainly a lot to look forward to, huh? And there might even be a chance they might show these concerts here in Singapore as well. This is because Golden Village broiadcast the concert which made all those announcements, the “Rausch und/and Craziness” concerts, right here in Singapore!

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