Lupin III facing off against Detective Zenigata is nothing new. However, for the first time ever, the two are facing off in 3DCG animation in the new Lupin III THE FIRST 3DCG anime movie. And now, the staff have revealed a new clip which features the two facing off again. This time, it’s a car chase scene which shows off the movie’s beautiful animation:

This will be the first Lupin III anime movie since creator and mangaka Monkey Punch passed away. It’s also the first Lupin III movie in 3DCG.

In the film, Lupin tries stealing the Bresson Diary which even the original Arsenne Lupin failed to steal. And to pull this off, he teams up with a woman named Leticia, voiced by live-action Chihayafuru star Suzu Hirose.

Stand By Me Doraemon’s Takashi Yamazaki is directing the movie, which premieres in Japan on December 6, 2019.

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