Well, it really does look like a third Gintama movie is really happening. During the Jump Festa event livestream, they revealed that this new movie adaptation is happening in 2021. The staff also dropped a brand new key visual featuring Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi as well:

The manga’s final volume announced the movie back in August. However, the franchise’s history of trolling fans made it hard to make people believe that they’re really making a third Gintama movie. Gintama first trolled fans about film adaptations after the TV anime’s Benizakura arc aired. They teased that the arc was getting adapted into a feature length movie, and they kept on saying that it was happening soon… until the Yorozuya trio reveal that they’re just kidding. They ran the movie adaptation joke to the ground… until they finally made a real anime movie about the Benizakura arc, thus trolling the fans yet again. And then there’s the supposedly “Final Movie,” Be Forever Yorozuya…

Unfortunately, the event’s announcement did not reveal any further details about the movie. It looks like we would have to wait for further information about it and its story. As for the manga itself, it ended after much trolling (again) last June 20, 2019.

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source: Jump Festa event livestream


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