Kousuke Oono’s The Way of the Househusband may be one of the most popular manga titles out there without an anime adaptation (yet). And now, the manga has reached a milestone 1.2 million copies in print. To celebrate, the manga’s staff released a live-action PV for the manga.

Seiyuu Kenjiro Tsuda stars in the video as Tatsu AKA The Immortal Tatsu, AKA Ta-chan, a retired and formerly infamous member of the Yakuza. He also shows off his directing chops too, because he is also the video’s director. Meanwhile, Maaya Sakamoto appears in the video as well. She voices his wife, Miku, for the video.

Kousuke Oono’s The Way of the Househusband follows the daily life of Tatsu, who gave up his life of crime as a Yakuza enforcer to live with Miku. The manga follows him in his day to day activities, from fighting dirt and grime around their apartment, to the daily battles in getting those sale items at the grocery.

Unfortunately, the series does not have an anime adaptation yet. However, it’s one of the most popular manga out there, even without an anime. Time will tell if it does get one.

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