Comiket 97 has now wrapped by. However, it seems that the cosplay portion of the event got a little too crazy. You see, three cosplayers attracted photographers, and things were fine at first. It was one of those usual Comiket circle shoots where photographers form a circle and take photos of a cosplayer. Unfortunately, when the three cosplayers asked everyone to come nearer, things got crazy, as the photographers got aggressive, taking upskirt shots and disrespecting personal space.

The advances were unwelcome, and the cosplayers, even though they were laughing in the ordeal, were clearly uncomfortable.

Twitter user @chonachonawill2, who shared the video, said that the girls were laughing because there was nothing else they can do but laugh. Luckily, it seems that some staff have noticed and pulled the girls out just in time. Luckily, none of the men managed to touch any of them, and nobody was hurt.

Cosplay is not consent. That sentense has been said time and time again. No matter how skimpy the cosplayer’s outfit is, or how sexy she is, nobody has the right to violate her personal space, much like what the photographers did during this incident. Cosplayers around the world voiced their condemnation of the incident, and hopefully, Comiket staff will be a bit stricter.

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source: @chonachonawill2


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