Digimon is getting a ton of new releases this year, and that includes a new anime movie, a new TV anime reboot, brand new video games. and even a brand new trading card game. And now, Bandai has released a new live-action trailer for the entire Digimon Project. It shows off plenty of what’s in store for fans as the franchise looks into the future.

The trailer follows Agumon around as he explores the residential area in Odaiba, which was where Taichi and the others lived in the anime. It would then tease several new upcoming and ongoing projects, such as the new trading card game, as well as several smartphone games apps. The video also hit the nostalgia button, as it played Koji Wada’s classic Digimon Adventure OP song, Butter-Fly. Oh, and it features Metalgarurumon taking on Airdramon at the Rainbow Bridge, which is an anime pilgrimage site for Digimon fans.

As for the anime, the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna premieres on February 21, 2020. It serves as “Taichi and Agumon’s final adventure”. The film celebrates the Digimon franchise’s 20th anniversary, with the main human cast and Digimon cast reprising their roles from Digimon Adventure tri. Meanwhile, Digimon Adventure: is a full reboot for the Digimon Adventure, and this TV anime will premiere in April 2020.

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