Remember those overpowered siblings that are a bit too affectionate with each other? Well, they’re returning for a second season with The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc. And now, the staff have released a brand new PV for the upcoming TV anime:

The video announces that the new series will premiere in July 2020. 8-Bit will be animating this new season, with Risako Yoshida returning from The irregular at magic high school The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars movie to direct the TV anime. They also confirmed that Yuuichi Nakamura is returning as Tatsuya Shiba, as well as Saori Hayami as Miyuki Shiba, and Youko Hikasa as Angelina Kudou Shields.

The arc will adapt volumes 9-11 from the novels, and will also serve as the second season for the franchise. Expect the staff to reveal more details about this new anime in the days to come.

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Source: @mahouka_anime Twitter Page


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