With ufotable taking over the Fate/Stay Night anime production, people might have forgotten that Studio DEEN previously adapted the Type-Moon visual novel into a TV anime in 2006. And unfortunately, that 2006 anime’s director, Yuji Yamamoto, has now passed away. Studio DEEN itself confirmed his passing, though they did not state the cause of his death.

Yamamoto previously directed other anime as well. These include Z/X Ignition, Touka Gettan, and Strawberry Eggs.. He has also worked as Episode Director, contributing to anime such as Hajime no Ippo, Smile Precure, Outlaw Star, Brave King GaoGaiGar Final, GaoGaiGar: King of the Braves, and the new GeGeGe no Kitarou anime.

Yuji Yamaguchi certainly left his mark in the anime industry. Without him, Fate might never have been successful as a franchise, as the 2006 anime introduced many fans to Fate while Type-Moon was still getting started. May he rest in peace.

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