5 – Beastars

Yes, I know, furries are really enjoying this anime. But if you ignore all that furry love, this series is pretty compelling. There is a reason why Paru Itagaki’s manga won all those awards, and it all comes down to the story and characterizations. Legosi and Haru are two of the most complex and interesting characters this year, and the anime has proven to be more than the Japanese version of Zootopia.

4 – The Rising of the Shield Hero

There were a lot of isekai anime this year, but one really stood out from the rest. That of course, is The Rising of the Shield Hero. The series has a very genius way of getting viewers to love the main characters, as well as hate the society dominating the world of the anime. First, it started off like many isekai… and then it introduced a character for everyone to hate really really much. It would then frustrate the audiences on how the main characters were treated, and then go on to give the hated characters their comeuppance. It rewarded all those episodes of frustration with a very satisfying climax. So yeah, Shield Hero really was the best isekai this year.

3 – Carole & Tuesday

In a genre dominated by cutesy idol anime, or fujoshi-bating male idol anime with tons of BL undertones, Carole & Tuesday managed to stand out. Netflix managed to knock it out of the park with this anime, and it was clear that hiring international talent, and not just Japanese, was a good move. Everything played out well for the series, from its beautiful musical numbers to its compelling story and relatable characters. The characters are also quite realistic, and it is one of the reasons why this series was so good. Carole was an immigrant trying to make ends meet while pursuing a musical career, while Tuesday is a rich girl who ran away from home trying to figure out who she is as a person. The anime also has a more western style of storytelling, which proves that not everything has to go with current Japanese trends in order to be successful.

2 – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Yes yes, I know, it won “anime of the decade,” so how can it only be #2? Well, that was more of a popularity contest, but that does not take away from how good the anime is. ufotable outdid itself with the animation, and the characters was simply superb. The series really picked up in the second half, and it made fans really excited for the sequel movie. Overall, the anime is really good and exciting to watch… just don’t argue with its rabid fanbase that believes it deserves being “anime of the decade” for the 2010’s.

1 – Vinland Saga

The viking age was a complicated time in history, and we got an excellent depiction of that era with Vinland Saga. Sure, it made a lot of history buffs cringe in some scenes, such as Thors being able to swim with some rather heavy chainmail armour on, but if you ignore all that, the series is really good. Thorfinn is your typical angry anime boy, yes, but the characters around him are much more than that. Askeladd is the most complicated of them all, scheming and fighting to get his own agendas done, all while hiding a secret to the other vikings. Meanwhile, Prince Canute was once a cowardly boy. However, he has one of the biggest character developments in the entire year in terms of anime. True, the series has its faults, but that does not stop Vinland Saga from being this year’s best anime, at least in our opinion.

There you have it folks, our picks for the best anime of the year. Do you agree? If not, just post your rant in the comments below.

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