Studio Ghibli and Lawson go way back, with the two companies partnering up on several occasions. And now, they are renewing that age-old partnership, as Ghibli once again animates a new Lawson commercial. And in typical Ghibli fashion, they pulled out all the stops! Kunio Katou, who won the Academy Award for Best Short Film for his La Maison en Petits Cubes, directed the commercial. Yes folks, an Oscar-winning director from one of the world’s most acclaimed animation studios worked on a convenience store commercial.

In the ad, the Lawson store itself is the star. It shows what happens in a Lawson convenience store, with employees working to help their customers. And yes, this also counts as the first Ghibli anime of the decade.

As for the staff, aside from Katou as director, Ghibli Co-founder and anime industry heavyweight, Toshio Suzuki produced the commercial. Animator Osamu Tanabe, who works at Lawson part-time as a hobby, planned the animation. As for that other Oscar winner working for Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki kinda is busy at the moment…

Ghibli first started animating Lawson commercials back in 2001. This new one is a sequel to a previous commercial where a little girl purchased a ticket to see Spirited Away at Lawson. That girl is now an employee in the ad.

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