Like many anime companies, Studio Ghibli also released its own New Year’s Greeting via their official website. In their greeting, they revealed that they’re not just working on Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie, “How Do You Live?”, but also a second anime movie. The greeting also came with a drawing from Hayao Miyazaki himself:

The greeting did not really discuss much about the second movie project they are working on though. And as expected, it surprised fans in Japan when they said “Two” anime projects, and not just the one Miyazaki is working on.

The greeting also looked back at all the bad things which happened last year, and Ghibli says their thoughts are wioth the victims of the recent typhoons which hit Japan. They also stated their hopes for the new year, saying that they hope that Japan’s stagnating society will be renewed this year.

It also talked about their upcoming projects as well. This includes the new Ghibli Park, a Studio Ghibli theme park opening in Aichi Prefecture in 2022. They also talked about the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind kabuki play, as well as their “active overseas development”.

As for Miyazaki’s new movie, they previously revealed that after three years, it’s only 15% done. They didn’t really set a deadline for the legendary Oscar-winning anime director, and it does seem that Miyazaki is taking his time. The movie’s title, How Do You Live?, comes from Genzaburou Yoshino’s 1937 masterpiece novel of the same name. Miyazaki explains that the book’s title plays an important role for the movie’s protagonist. As for the book itself, it centers on a man named Koperu and his uncle, as well as his own personal and spiritual growth.

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SourceStudio Ghibli official website


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