Japanese publisher Takeshobo, which is responsible for publishing various popular manga such as Akagi and Made in Abyss, together with a yet-to-be-named male mangaka, are continuing the fight against manga piracy. This time, they are taking drastic measures by suing web security company Cloudflare. They allege that Cloudflare is complicit in copyright infringement because they offer their services to manga piracy sites.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, as well as the removal of all its manga data stored in Cloudflare’s servers. The lawsuit claims that the web security company still provided service to several manga piracy sites despite already knowing that these sites are illegally offering manga.

Cloudflare acts as an intermediary between a server and its end users. It even provides content even if the original server is facing connectivity issues or even if there are denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. And from the looks of things, because of this, it is harder for manga publishers to block images uploaded by the manga piracy sites.

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source: ANN


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