Light novel fans are in for a Beary good news, as Kumanano and 029’s Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear light novels are getting a TV anime adaptation. The series’ 14th volume made the announcement official, and artist 029 celebrated the news with a special illustration:

They also launched an official website for the series that confirms that the anime adaptation is indeed a TV anime. Unfortunately, it did not reveal any further information, such as staff, cast, studio, and release window. Expect them to reveal more information in the days to come.

Seven Seas serializes the light novels, and here is how they describe its story:

Fifteen-year-old Yuna prefers staying home and obsessively playing her favorite VRMMO game to doing anything else, including going to school. When a strange new update gives her a one-of-a-kind bear outfit that comes with overpowered abilities, Yuna is torn: the outfit is unbearably cute, but too embarrassing to wear in-game. But then she suddenly finds herself transported into the world of the game, facing down monsters and magic for real, and the bear suit becomes the best weapon she has!

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