The COVID-19 Coronavirus has affected plenty of events in Japan, from delaying anime episodes to cancelling or postponing concerts. Now, the outbreak has claimed yet another victim with the 14th Annual Seiyu Awards. The staff announced that they are cancelling this year’s ceremony, as well as the audition event for new seiyuu. This is all due to the concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak.

The staff will be announcing the winners of the big awards during a special edition of the Chou! A&G+ internet radio show instead. It will happen on 7th March at 6:00pm JST, which is around the same time the awarding ceremony was supposed to happen. If it pushed through, they would have held the event at the Bunka Housou Media Plus Hall.

Several anime episodes, including an episode of A Certain Scientific Railgun T, as well as Japan’s largest Cosplay event, the Nippombashi Street Festa, were all cancelled due to the virus’s outbreak. The concerns are growing ever serious, as it even threatens the Olympics.

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