Despite all the backlash and cover-ups, Chinese doctors are really working hard to fight the NCorona Virus. One of those doctors is physician and body builder, Yuan Herong. She is fighting the disease in the front lines in Shadong Province, and has said that she is doing her best.

However, while she is indeed a pretty doctor battling an epidemic, many people are also talking about her because of her hobbies. You see, as it turns out, Dr. Yuan Herong is also a cosplayer! The doctor fighting the NCorona Virus’s Instagram page is full of posts featuring her in cosplay. Since she is quite muscular, she mostly cosplays fighting game characters. Particularly, fans are praising her for her cosplays of Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters, as well as Chun Li from Street Fighter.

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Oh,God,My breasts are too small💔

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Yeah, and she looks like she can kick your ass too! And from the looks of things, she does not skip leg day. Keep up the good work doc!

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source: Sora News 24


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