Final Fantasy VII Remake will finally be moving forward its April release. And now, the game’s official YouTube channel has released its new theme song trailer! And yes, it finally shows us one of the most anticipated scenes in the game… Trap Cloud!

He’s so pretty, right?!

Oh, and the trailer also features Sephiroth, several Shinra executives, and a few expected Boss Fights. The video also introduces us to Red XIII, who was playable in the original game. But yeah, the highlight was definitely Cloud cross-dressing! It also features the game’s theme song “Hollow,” performed by Yosh and composed by the famed Nobuo Uematsu. The YouTube channel also released a behind-the-scenes look  at the making of the song as well:

Square Enix previously scheduled the game for release in March, but pushed it back to April 10, 2020. Well, delays are to be expected with a game as grand as this one. The reason being Square Enix simply does not want a mediocre final product when they release. The expectations are high for the game, so rushing development just to meet the release date would end up badly.It will be released for the PlayStation 4.

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source: Square Enix official website


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