While China is in the midst of battling the 2019 NCorona Virus, it’s also battling Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia. Several Chinese digital manga platforms have dropped the popular shounen manga over the name of the new villain, Daruma Ujiko. It seems that the doctor’s real name is Maruta Shiga, which is a reference to the real-life Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731, which did science experiments on World War II prisoners. They code named these victims as “Maruta”.

Kouhei Horikoshi himself acknowledged the controversy, and promised to change his name. He also issued an apology, along with Shueisha, The mangaka stated that he did not want to reference the horrific atrocity in the villain’s name.

However, this was not enough, as the digital platforms not only pulled the manga and anime, but also a My Hero Academia video game. These services include Bilibili and Tencent Comics. The Chinese-developed My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero has also been removed as well. Xin Yuan, which developed it, has not officially announced the game’s cancellation.

As for the experiments themselves, it killed plenty of people, especially in China. They experimented on a lot of people, including the sick, the elderly, and children. The horrific treatments included lobotomy, purposely infecting the victims with diseases, amputation, putting air into the blood stream, and even dissecting the victims while they were still alive. Yeah, the Japanese were pretty sick back then.

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan 


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