Interspecies Reviewers has certainly raised a ton of eyebrows, and not just out west. In fact, the anime has caused some controversy in Japan as well. Japanese TV channel Tokyo MX has cancelled the series due to “changes in the circumstances within Tokyo Metropolitan Television. However, other channels are still airing the show. These include KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, BS11, and AT-X.

The anime, which is set in the brothels of a fantasy world’s red light district, has certainly been raising eyebrows. Several services have now cancelled the series, most notable being Amazon Prime Video and Funimation. Most of these are western services, and this is the first time a Japanese company has also cancelled the series.

The anime is about some guys going to brothels and “sampling” many different species. Let’s just say this one ain’t for the more conservative fan, and lots of people in Japan are still a lot more conservative.

Here’s how Yen press describes the source manga by Masha and Amahara:

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! From elves to succubi to cyclopes and more, the Interspecies Reviewers rate the red-light delights of all manner of monster girls…the only thing is, they can never agree on which species is the hottest!

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Source: Interspecies Reviewers anime Twitter account


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