If you haven’t heard yet, Death Note’s two original mangaka, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, are getting back together. And not only that, but they are doing a new Death Note one-shot manga. And now, Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s English Twitter Page has announced that Viz is releasing that very one-shot manga for free!

While the Japanese release will be happening in the pages of Jump SQ. magazine, the international release will be free, and it will be online as well. And this will one-shot will be quite long too, as it will be having 87 pages. The magazine’s March 2020 issue, which gets its release on February 4 (listed as February 3 in the west), will be featuring the one-shot’s Japanese version. Death Note will also grace the issue’s cover, as well as feature a colored center page. Meanwhile the international version hits on the very same day.

The manga is now considered a classic, with adaptations left and right. It received musicals, live-action films, live-action TV shows, and of course, the hit TV anime. As for this one-shot, it may just really be one, so expect the two mangaka to pour a lot within this 87 pages. So, who’s excited for February?

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Source: Shounen Jump English Twitter Page


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