GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka is getting a new prequel live-action series, and it will show Onizuka as part of a biker gang. And now, the staff finally fives us our first look at the upcoming live-action series with a brand new trailer:

The series will follow Onizuka and Ryuji during their Shonan Junai Gumi days as members of a biker gang. Kanchirou will star as a young Eikichi Onizuka, while Daichi Kaneko stars as a young Ryuji Danma. It will also star Yurina Yanagi, Shiori Yoshida, Kasumi Yamaya, Misato Morita, Eita Okuno, Kuu Ijima, Katsuya Takagi, Kazunori Mimura, Mizuki Maehara, Karin Ono, Yuuki Takao, Yuutarou, Atomu Mizuishi, Kaito Yoshimura, and Keisuke Higashi. New Japan Pro Wrestling wrestler Tougi Makabe will also be making an appearance as well. Meanwhile, Jrock band T-BOLAN performs the theme song, opening song, as well as several insert songs for the show.

In the manga, Onizuka and Ryuji are known as the infamous Oni-Baku duo. They are known for being good in fights and ride their bikes really fast. However, it seems that the duo really want to leave their gang for a very special reason… to lose their virginity! Yeah, sounds like what Onizuka would do…

Yusaku Matsumoto and Nobuhiro Suzumura will be directing the series, alongside chief director Eiji Uchida, who is also writing the scripts. Noriko Katou, Hime Rina, and Shinichi Nomura are writing the script with Uchida. Atmovie is producing it. It will premiere on February 28 via Amazon Prime Video.

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