With AQOURS and the Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Appreciation Club already taking over the Love Live! franchise, many fans have thought that they might not see the original group, μ’s, again. After all, the group already did a “final concert” back in April 2016. The contracts of the μ’s seiyuu also expired around that time as well. However, the official Love Live! YouTube channel surprised a lot of people when they released a brand new song and music video!

Yes folks, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you! That really is Honoka, Kotori, Umi, Eli, Nico, Nozomi, Hanayo, Rin, and Maki together again in a new music video, with a new song to boot! This new song’s title is “A song for You! You? You!!”. They will release the song as a single on March 25, and it will also come bundled with a disc containing the animated music video.

The music video itself celebrates the 9th anniversary of the Love Live! series. The song itself will also be featured in KLab Games and Bushiroad’s Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars mobile game as well.

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