For Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company has unveiled a new mythical Pokemon! This new species us a Mythical Pokemon of the Dark and Grass type. Meet the Rogue Monkey Pokemon that’s a possesses a “Clever mastery of vines,” Zarude…. I wonder if it can use Sandstorm?

According to new information, trainers cannot obtain Zarude through normal gameplay.

They also revealed more details on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions as well. First, they will release the “Isle of Armor” expansion in June, and then they will be releasing the second expansion, “The Crown Tundra”, in Fall 2020.

They will reveal more details on these two new expansions, as well as the release details of Zarude, in the days to come. Pokemon Sword and Shield is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

So, what do you guys think of the new Mythical Pokemon?

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Source: The Pokemon Official YouTube Channel


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