Some sad news for all of you AnoHana fans, as the real-life version of Jintan’s house has just burned down. The house is in Chichibu, which also serves as the holy land for the anime. And the house is extra special for the anime, as it also served as the childhood home of famous anime writer Mari Okada.

Fortunately, nobody was reported to be hurt. The home serves as a residential house, though it is still unknown if it still belongs to Mari Okada’s family. Until the fire, the house also serves as pilgrimage site for fans of AnoHana. It even appears in pilgrimage maps given out to anime tourists over at Chichibu Station.

Twitter user sakurayuji1 would post images of the fire, which seemed to have been put out by 11 in the evening  on 1st February:

Mari Okada, who also wrote the story for AnoHana, drew much from her troubled childhood into the anime’s story. Because of this, the staff of AnoHana decided to use her old neighborhood as the setting, with her own childhood home inspiring Jintan’s house.

The small city of Chichibu is quite an important pilgrimage area. It not only serves as the setting of AnoHana, but also two other works. These are Anthem of the Heart and last year’s Her Blue Sky. All three works are from the the Super Peace Busters, a creative team which consists of director Tatsuyuki Nagai, writer and director Mari Okada, and artist Masayoshi Tanaka.

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