The anime might not be over yet, but it looks like some good news is coming for fans of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun. In his Twitter Page, mangaka Osamu Nishi has announced that the anime adaptation of his hilarious demon manga is getting a second season!

Nishi says that this new season is happening in spring 2021. And to celebrate getting that second season, he posted a new image on Twitter featuring Iruma.

And with the anime getting a second season, fans know what that means… MORE CLARA! Yes folks, it really does look like we’re getting more of that lovable and hyperactive demon girl named Clara Valak in about a year. And remember folks, she’s a treasure!

The anime’s story revolves around Iruma, a poor boy who finds himself in the demon world after his parents sold him. They guy they sell him to? A demon lord who just wants a grandchild!

Expect the staff to reveal more details about the second season in the days to come.

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Source: Osamu Nishi’s Twitter account


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