Makoto Shinkai is one of the biggest names in anime, and is one of the most well-known anime directors alive. And now, he is back directing a brand new work over at Comix Wave Films.  Hpwever, it ain’t a critically-acclaimed animated feature film like Weathering With You or your name. It’s actually a commercial for Taisei Corporation.

The commercial features the new New Yangon Specialist Hospital, which the country is building in Myanmar. It also features several locations from the country as well. And as expected of Shinkai, he presented the Burmese locations with his usual and artful mastery of animation.

Shikai is actually the commercial’s general director, with Youki Miki acting as both director and Storyboarder. Miki was Shinkai’s assistant director on Weathering With You, as well as a former Ghibli animator. As for the Taisei Corporation, they previously featured Singapore in yet another Makoto Shinkai-directed commercial from Comix Wave Films. They also previously featured the company’s other projects in Turkey and Vietnam.

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Source: Taisei Corp YouTube Channel


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