After the success of previous Rurouni Kenshin stage productions, TBS has announced that they’re doing another one! This new play will be adapting the Kyoto arc from Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin manga. It will star Teppei Koike as Kenshin “Battousai” Himurta, and they revealed him in costume as the character:

Shuuichiroi Koike will be writing the play’s script. He noted that this new production will be covering the ever-popular Kyoto arc. He also teased that Shishio Makoto and Shinomori Aoshi will be appearing in it as well.

Meanwhile, Kenshin’s actor for the play, Teppei Koike, admitted that he has been a huge fan of the manga since he was young. He promised plans of stage productions, as well as fans of the manga, that they will enjoy the play. It will run at the IHI Stage in Fall 2020.

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