Adult Swim has teamed up with Japanese animation studio, Studio DEEN (KonoSuba, Fate/Stay Night 2006, Higurashi) for a special Rick and Morty animated short. The 5-minute short is titled “Samurai & Shogun,” and Adult Swim has now released it via their own YouTube channel:

The short stars Youhei Tadano as “Rick WTM72,” and Keisuke Chiba as “Shogun Morty”. The two seiyuu also voice the characters in the Japanese dubbed version of the show, Kaichi Satou directed the short, as well as wrote its scripts.

The video takes inspiration from the Japanese classic, Lone Wolf & Cub, which is also highly popular in the west. And as expected 0f Rick and Morty, this one also did not hold back, as Rick WTM72 tries to protect Shogun Morty from several Ninja Ricks. And it seems that they took a year to finish this CG animated short.

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Source: Adult Swim


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