It’s a new season, which also means new anime. And one of the cable channels bringing in anime for many of us here is Southeast Asia, is of course ANIPLUS ASIA. For this season, they are bringing us several new titles, including Tower of God, Princess Connect! Re:Dive, and more.

And now, they have finally announced their streaming schedule for the new anime that are premiering this season:

Tower of God

Premieres 2 April,

Every THURs, 01:00 sg/my/ph]

Every THURs, 00:00 [id/th]


THURs, 21:00 [sg/my/ph]

THURs, 20:00 [id/th]



Premieres 2 April,

Every THURs, 24:00 [sg/my/ph]

Every THURs, 23:00 [id/th]


Every FRIs 18:00 [sg/my/ph]

Every FRIs 17:00 [id/th]


Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Premieres 7 April,

Every TUEs 01:00 [sg/my/ph]

Every TUEs 00:00 [id/th]


Every TUEs 18:00 [sg/my/ph]

Every TUEs 17:00 [id/th]


The House Spirit Tatami-chan

Premieres 10 April

Every FRIs 19:00 [sg/my/ph]

Every FRIs, 18:00 [id/th]


Every SUNs 20:30 [sg/my/ph]

Every SUNs 19:30 [id/th]

So there you have it folks, more reasons to stay at home while a pandemic is happening. Do keep in mind their schedules and time slots for each country!

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