Tired of cleaning your car? Is it always dirty and dusty? Well,  Japanese Twitter user @sanakithir6 recently turned his Daihatsu Copen into an itasha for free by using his art skills… and the dirt from his car. And now, it features the character Ichigo from Aikatsu!

Like most people drawing with the dust in cars, the owner used his finger before posting his work online. He says he didn’t have any money to pay for getting his car turned into an itasha. And when his car got dirty enough, he used his art skills to make his own… unique one.

And as he posted it on Twitter, his work became quite viral back in Japan. Many commented that he’s a genius while others were just simply impressed. Needless to say, many lamented that this itasha is only temporary. It will be gone by the time he washes his car… or the next time it rains. For now though, people are still praising his unique work.

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Source: Sora News 24


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