The 12th and final episode of the isekai anime crossover, Isekai Quartet, has now aired its 12th and final episode. And as the anime ended, it announced a brand new sequel anime will be coming along soon. The episode is now available via Muse Asia here in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, over at Twitter, the anime’s official Twitter account has now also confirmed that a sequel is indeed happening. They even released a brand new key visual as well:

The anime is a crossover between the Re:Zero, Overlord, KONOSUBA, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil franchises. However, Shield Hero joined the series in the second season. And as expected, chaos ensued. Muse Asia is now streaming the second season for Southeast Asia.

Now, who is excited for this new Isekai Quartet anime? We surely are!

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Source: Isekai Quartet Twitter Account


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