Ladies and gentlemen, he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! LINE Manga has announced that legendary horror mangaka Junji Ito has now launched a new manga on their online service. Its title is Genkai Chitai, and it literally means “Disturbing Zone” in English.

The manga follows weird and disturbing distortions that happen in everyday life. It will be mostly episodic in nature, but since this is Junji Ito we’re talking about, expect some very unexpected and sick twists. LINE Manga has now released the first chapter, which follows a couple going on a hiking trip in the Tohoku region. While on a country road, they pass by a funeral where they encounter a crying woman…

LINE MANGA will release the new series every first and third Wednesday of the month. Unfortunately, the service is not available anywhere outside of Japan. But since this is Junji Ito, better expect international versions to come out soon.

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Source: PR Times


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