For years, fans have speculated that seiyuu Nozomi Kasuga is the voice behind the OG virtual YouTuber herself, Kizuna Ai. It has always been a speculation as the people behind the VTuber , Activ8, never really confirmed if it was true. Now, Activ8 has announced it will form a new company “Kizuna Ai Co., Ltd.”. It will be soley dedicated to the management of Kizuna Ai, and it will tentatively launch on 11th May. And during the announcement, they confirmed that Kasuga is indeed Kizuna Ai’s seiyuu!

The company will focus entirely on Kizuna Ai, allowing Activ8 to pursue other ventures.

As for Kasuga, she also confirmed that she’s Kizuna Ai’s seiyuu herself on Twitter. She also confirmed that she will be involved with Kizuna Ai Co., Ltd. as an advisor. She then promised to help the VTuber and the new company.

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Source: Nozomi Kasuga Twitter Page, PR Times



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