Looks like it’s not just anime that are getting delayed, but manga releases as well. With the ongoing Japanese state of emergency, Kodansha has announced that several of their magazines will be delaying the release of their next issues. The biggest name on the list may be Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which serializes Attack on Titan.

Aside from Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, these other magazines will also be experiencing delays for their next issues:

  • Morning Two
  • Ane Friend
  • Young Magazine the 3rd
  • good! Afternoon
  • Gekkan Young Magazine
  • HatsuKiss
  • comic tint
  • Honey Milk
  • Magazine R

The announcement stated that they (Kodansha) cannot maintain publishing activities due to the state of emergency, which was caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan. These publishing activities include editing, production, and distribution. So while mangaka can draw at their own homes or offices, the problem lies in the editorial staff, as well as the production of the manga themselves.

However, there is some good news. Not all Kodansha magazines are affected, as Weekly Shonen Magazine is still up and running for now.

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Source: Bessatsu Shounen Twitter Page


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