With Japan’s state of emergency, TV shows, events, movies, and other sources of entertainment have either been cancelled or postponed. Simply put, it has really affected production for every kind of media out there. This has led many fans to talk about the pandemic now causing production for many anime to stop. They have come up with all sorts of theories as to why too.

This outpour of theories on as to how the Coronavirus outbreak may halt anime production has made many in the anime industry to talk about them in Twitter. One of them is Eiichi Kuboyama. He worked as episode director for Monogatari Series Second Season. In a tweet, he said:

“People have been saying that some anime have had to stop just because of the voice acting, but I disagree with that.

To be frank, closing down anime studios doesn’t have that much of an impact. But if the photography (compositing) studios close, the number of works being able to be finished will drop.

Also, even though some series has been delayed from April to July, I doubt they’d even be able to come out then if things remain how they are.

I get that kind of feeling.”

Kuboyama talked about Photography Studios in his tweet. These are usually the ones handling the final phase of physical anime production. They scan drawn art and clean them up. They then put them together into animation. While some studios draw frames digitally, a lot of other anime studios still use the good old pen and paper method. They still need a specialized scanner to make anime, so while animators can work at home, they would still need that specialized scanner. If those photography studios close down, it will truly halt production.

However, many still insist that it’s the voice acting studios that are going to be the main cause. Many have suggested that seiyuu should go into the studio one by one. To this, Kuboyama replied:

“If you try that, you then have to disinfect the dubbing booth for each voice actor, and also it’s dangerous because the director and the sound director have to stay there the whole time. I feel like if they worked at home, the sound quality would be poor.”

Well, there you have it folks. The episode director says it is possible. It is still unknown how widespread the anime delays will be, but we should expect them.


Source: Crunchyroll


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