The 12th compiled volume of Kugane Maruyama’s Overlord light novel series has finally hit the shelves. And there, Maruyama himself has announced that the series will indeed end with the 17th volume. The author has been teasing that he plans to end Overlord since May of last year. He did so via Twitter, and also stated it again during the AnimagiC 2019 convention in Germany last August.

Vol. 14 is the latest chapter of the novels to be released. In fact, it’s the latest one in two years, with Volume 13 hitting the shelves last April 2018.

As for Maruyama, he previously planned to have the light novel series go for 18 volumes. However, the author stated in a tweet that he became increasingly disappointed due to fan translations of his work. A fan asked him about people translating his work into English without his permission, and because of this, Maruyama says he has lost motivation in continuing the series. However, as it seems, he is still working on Overlord, though its story will be shorter than originally planned.

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