The COVID-19 pandemic has really shutdown Japan. From anime getting postponed to events getting cancelled, the virus has really affected the entire country. And to help stop the spread of the virus, the Straw Hat Pirates crew from One Piece have a special public service announcement:

Yes folks, always wash your hands and get some rest. Oh, and also give Luffy some meat. They’re telling people that we can overcome this crisis together. And to drive the point home, the Pne Piece official twitter Page even released the video with English subtitles!

Remember, stay healthy and stay safe. And don’t just wash your hands, but stay at home. Only go out for necessary things, such as buying groceries and medical supplies. Luffy and his crew are optimistic that we can get through this together, so let’s all work together to beat COVID-19, yeah?

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Source: One Piece Official Twitter Page


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