Cells At Work! is getting their hands full with a certain new virus. It’s called COVID-19, and it has caused chaos all over the world, Now, the anime has launched a new stay-at-home campaign which features the characters fighting COVID-19. Mangaka Akane Shimizu is also supporting the campaign, and is also responsible for illustrating the campaign’s new visual:

Shimizu also wrote a message for fans, saying that your cells are fighting viruses inside to protect you. And now, it’s your turn to protect the people around you by staying at home. It also reminds people to wear a mask, wash their hands and their mouths frequently.

A second season has already been confirmed for Shimizu’s hit manga. Null & Peta’s Hirofumi Ogura will be the new director, with David Production returning to animate the series. Takahiko Yoshida is returning as the character designer as well!  It will premiere in January 2021. And not only that, but the Cells At Work! Code Black spin-off manga is also getting a TV anime adaptation as well.

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source: Cells At Work Twitter Page


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