NHK has launched an official poll for the Evangelion franchise, and fans get to decide who is the most popular character of the franchise. They conducted the poll from March 27th to April 29th, and the voters consisted of 57.5% male, and 42.5% female. The results are in, and here’s the Top 10:

10 – Gendo Ikari

9 – Maya Ibuki

8 – Pen Pen

7 – Ryoji Kaji

6 – Mari Makinami Illustrious

5 – Misato Katsuragi

4 – Shinji Ikari

3 – Rei Ayanami

2 – Kaworu Nagisa

1 – Asuka Langley Shikinami

There you have it folks, fans have voted for Asuka as the most popular Evangelion character right now. And this poll also shows how strong Eva’s female fanbase is as well, as female fan-favourite Kaworu Nagisa took second place, beating the franchise’s former “most popular character,” Rei Ayanami, who only took 3rd place in this poll.

So, who is your favourite Evangelion character? Do you agree with the results?

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