The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, and many are  working at home. And with that, many people are using backgrounds to either spice up their conference calls… or hide how messy their home is. And after Studio Ghibli has offered some free backgrounds of their own, Tsuburaya Productions is following suit! It’s part of their “Stay At Home With Ultraman” campaign, which also includes some SSSS.Gridman backgrounds as well!

The backgrounds and wallpapers are completely free, and fans can download them via Tsuburaya’s Twitter Page. They offer backgrounds for Ultraman Global, the Ultraman Netflix anime, and of course, SSSS.Gridman.

Tsuburaya Productions plans to add even more additions to their “Stay At Home with Ultraman” campaign in the future. For now, why not binge watch both the Ultraman anime and SSSS.Gridman, as both anime are now available for streaming in Netflix. Stay home, stay healthy, and stay safe.

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Source:  Tsuburaya Twitter Page


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