Japan is in the middle of a state of emergency, as the Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions and halted industries. One of the biggest ways to combat its spread is not just to stay at home, but also constantly washing your hands. And to help drive home that point, Japanese TV channel Tokyo MX aired a very positive video featuring Hatsune Miku. The virtual diva told everyone that hand washing is important.

Onyx Kobayashi composed the song. Its message was that washing hands is important to stay healthy, and it would make Miku happy if everyone was doing it. Oh, and she also reminds people to also make sure to thoroughly wash their fingers, palms, and wrists.

Previously, One Piece released their own Public Service Announcement about hand washing. Remember, stay healthy and stay safe. And don’t just wash your hands, but stay at home. Only go out for necessary things, such as buying groceries and medical supplies. Luffy and his crew are optimistic that we can get through this together, so let’s all work together to beat COVID-19, yeah?

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Source: Hatsune Miku Twitter Page


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