It looks like the glorious “healing” will continue for the moe /Slice of Life/ psychological thriller/zombie apocalypse manga, School Live!. Manga Time Kirara’s official Twitter Page has announced that Norimitsu Kaihou and Sadoru Chiba’s  hit series will be getting a sequel. Its title will be Gakkou Gurashi! ~Otayori~, and it will debut in the next issue of Manga Time Kirara Forward. due out on June 24.

This new sequel series will tell of the story of what happened to everyone following the events of the manga’s ending. And from the new teaser visual seen above, it looks like it will first focus on what Miki Naoki is up to.

Chiba and Kaihou’s manga first launched in Manga Time Kirara Forward in 2012. The series would then heal everyone by getting a TV anime adaptation in 2015. The series itself ended last November, and is still infamous for that little surprise its anime adaptation’s first episode had for viewers who didn’t read the manga…

Oh, and we haven’t forgetten the anime’s OP:

I wonder what happened to Yuuki’s “friends”?

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Source: Manga Time Kirara  official Twitter Page


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