Japan has been struck hard by COVID-19, as the pandemic shut down businesses and hospitalised thousands. Unfortunately, this includes several anime pilgrimage sites such as Numazu, the setting which inspired Love Live! Sunshine!!. They’re also hit hard by a shortage of face masks, just like many parts of Japan. Fortunately for them, Love Livers from China heard of the Holy Site’s plight. Particularly, it’s a group of Love Livers from Shanghai. They contacted Numazu mayor Shuichi Yorishige via email, telling him that they would like to help…

The Shanghai Love Livers sent Numazu approximately 10,000 of those much-needed face masks. They explained that they heard that several people got infected in the city, and also about the mask shortage. They also included a special message for the residents:

“Our hopes are one
Wherever you are
We believe in the same tomorrow”

– From your friends in China

In turn, the mayor replied via tweet:

“On behalf of the people of Numazu, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,”

Now ain’t that the sweetest? So anime fans from other places… think you can top Shanghai?

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Source: Sora News 24


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